Ease Your Entertainment Search

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You get lost among the different stores, the overflow of content or featured content, or the too many paths to find content. All you want is just a single and simple app from where you could easily and quickly find either music, movies, TV shows, books, audiobooks, or podcasts, this in a uniform and intuitive way. "E.Y.E.S." is made for you.

"E.Y.E.S." enables you to target your search by criteria, what brings you up just exactly to the content you are looking for.


⁃ Single place to find entertainment content: songs, albums, music videos, movies, TV episodes, TV seasons, books, audiobooks, or podcasts.

⁃ Targeted search by criteria.

⁃ Criteria suggestions when typing.

⁃ Detailed information for each item.

⁃ Direct links to the respective stores.

⁃ Preview for songs, music videos, and audiobooks, provided courtesy of iTunes.

⁃ Share with your friends either by Messages, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook.